Support Services Division

The support services division supports the company in its endeavor to offer quality services and products. Regulatory Affairs manages the communication with authorities to ensure compliance with local conformities;  Services and Quality Management strives to fulfill international requirements; Tenders and Projects unit liaises internally between divisions to and manages bids and large scale projects; Supply Chain Management concentrates on efficiency, responsiveness, visibility and transparency; while ICT infrastructure warrants technological platforms to excel.

Regulatory Affairs Unit

The Regulatory Affairs obtains and maintains registration of medical devices, drugs, biologics, biotechnology, nutritional and other products with the regulators. The Regulatory Affairs liaises with TAC’s partner suppliers to ensure proper documentation is available for submission and renewal of product licenses with the SFDA. Regulatory Affairs also makes sure all products are in compliance with rules, regulations, policies and standards pertaining to item expiration, recall, marketing iniatives, and post-marketing.

Services and Quality Management Unit


The services and quality management scopes at Thimar Aljazirah Co. have been designed according to our customer requirement including inspection, installation, technical support, preventive maintenance,and corrective maintenance for the medical devices.The service division considers high quality of medical equipment services a customer right which is met by an Enterprise Asset Management System that is designed specifically for medical equipment services. The computerized maintenance management automates the management of devices inventory, customer response time, down time, planned preventive maintenance and tracking the medical devices.To ensure patient safety and customer satisfaction, three workshops in central, eastern and western regions of the kingdom are prepared with highest technology test equipment’s and calibration tools and customers’ requests and technical support are handled through a toll free number.Furthermore, quality management and accreditation efforts are designed to ensure compliance with global standards in terms of management practices, documentation and services provided to customers.

Tenders and Projects Unit

The unit interfaces with clients in all matters pertaining to tenders and large scale projects by being at the forefront of TAC and liaising internally with other divisions. Tenders and Projects unit is the communication channel with healthcare providers in all aspects staring at reviewing bids and requests forproposals, managing responses and requirement fulfilment, and ensuring on-time delivery.

Supply Chain Management Unit


Thimar Aljazirah Co. has pled to implement state-of-art techniques in supply chain management (SCM) to ensure an end-to-end proper flow of materials upstream and downstream throughout the supply chain in order to be more agile and highly responsive to market changes and have on-time delivery.TAC has developed strategic relationships with global reliable suppliers increasing the visibility and information sharing between parties to reduce inventory, lead time and exceed customers’ expectations.Through a 15,000 square foot capacity and several warehouses in different regions, the information technology enabled and facilities ensure proper handling and storage of sensitive products.Adopting customer-driven philosophy the emphasis in TAC is more about lean management and added value throughout the whole chain to facilitate business growth through better utilization of resources.

Information Communications and Technology Unit


An integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure is a competitive advantage to the companysupporting rapid business growth.The ICT infrastructure comprises of a dozen of technology platforms including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Archiving, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Security and Surveillance, Barcode System, and Fleet Management System (GPS tracing). By automating and streamlining mainly finance and supply chain management – the Microsoft AX ERP brings people, processes and information together starting at sourcing and purchasing, inventory and logistics management, all the way to delivery. While the Barcode system guarantees visibility and traceability of items from suppliers to customers, the Fleet Management System manages distribution of products in an efficient manner.

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