Respiratory Care Division

Restoration of vital signs

TAC provides a holistic respiratory care from diagnostics to therapeutics, palliative to curative whether in a hospital setting or at home. In a joint effort with Philips Respironics, we are the market leader in Respiratory Care and Sleep Medicine by bring cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions to serve physicians, respiratory therapists, sleep labs, social workers and patients at home. The non-invasive ventilators, oxygen concentrators, infant apnea monitors, and asthma treatment solutions are part of the portfolio at offer.In partnership with MGC Diagnostics, TAC provides highly customizable devices and software configurators in Cardio Respiratory Exercise and Pulmonary Testing Laboratories while non-invasive patient monitoring systemsincluding fingertip and tabletop pulse ox meters, regional oximetry and capnography devices are provided through US-based Nonin Medical.

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